Power Journaling

Power Journaling,

Journaling is not a revolutionary idea. Keeping a journal or personal diary is a living tradition that has been practiced since before there were even written words, really.  As humans we have a need to pass along what we have learned – to record it for posterity.

But this recording of information, experiences and events for posterity is not the purpose of “Power Journaling.”

Power Journaling is not others – it is all about you.  It is about turning your own life events into powerful learning experiences for yourself. You might call it your Learning Journal. It is a way to easily and quickly gain insight into your own perceptions and behaviors as if you were outside looking in.  And, it is a way to create keen awareness of what thoughts, events and people are either giving, or taking, your power to live.

Like a personal safe haven on paper, a power journal is both private and protected.  Here, you are free to explore your feelings, say things you are not sure you mean, ask yourself questions, try on new attitudes, wonder, and explore your heart and mind.

Make this a separate book – all of it’s own.  Make it a private book.

Don’t confuse this with your regular daily journal, workout journal, weight loss journal, food journal, family scrapbook, online video journal, travel journal, wedding scrapbook or family history.

Soon, I will be releasing my Power Journaling workbook – a guide to proactive, productive journaling aimed at creating incredible personal growth and giving you the courage, confidence, strength and power to live a positive, full life.

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Krystyna August 5, 2010 at 8:55 pm

Writing in a journal is known for helping you when you are depressed. It helps you release your emotions because no one but you will be able to read it. Journals also force you to own your emotions. They aren’t just thoughts or feelings anymore. They can’t be denied later on. It takes a lot to own up to your feelings regardless of if they are positive or negative. In my experience, I’ve found that it helps me be more proud of myself. We are taught to be humble and avoid bragging. Writing an accomplishment that you worked really hard for is the first step in breaking the “no-bragging” rule, and it helps you center your thoughts on something great you did!


Connie October 21, 2010 at 3:56 pm

Krystyna, Another really wonderful thing about journaling is that they are non-judgemental. And, their feelings won’t get hurt, if you choose to release the slights and hurts you feel by putting all your emotions out there, on the page. I’ve had some very well-meaning friends who thought I could use them as sounding boards. Turns out they were too close to the situation and they had their own agendas, so that didn’t turn out to go exactly as I had planned. I found turning to my journal allowed me to stay in touch with my true needs. Thank you for sharing your experience of journaling to toot your own horn. In my opinion, when we do something we’ve worked hard at or have accomplished, that’s a very healthy thing to do. 0n days when you’re feeling a bit beat-up by life, it also gives you a place to re-read your former accomplishments and get yourself back into ‘Cheerleader mode’. Thanks for sharing your suggestions, Krystyna. Connie


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