Active Vision Boarding

If you’re familiar with the Law of Attraction or a fan of ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne, then you’re familiar with the three steps used to define the creative process, regarding the Law of Attraction.

Those three steps are:

  1. Ask: you must know what you want.
  2. Believe: you must truly believe it is already yours.
  3. Receive: you must be open to meeting the opportunity.
Active Vision Boarding with Connie Lee

It’s not that I don’t believe in these simple steps. I do. And, I follow them myself.

But, I’ve found, through many years of personal experience, that they are not enough.

There are three additional, yet vital elements you have to consider if you want to go beyond ‘hoping’ and actually see some results. These three keys are essential to bringing the things on your vision board into your reality and into your present life.

The Three Qualities that Turn Your Vision Board Hopes into Real Life Results

  1. Active – you should be doing something, not just hoping.
    Your vision board should depict the actions you’ll take, not just the end results you want to get.
  2. Conscious – your daily thoughts should align with your dreams.
    Your vision board should help you focus on and hold these positive thoughts daily.
  3. Targeted – you should have a plan for getting from here to there, not just a wish.
    The images and thoughts evoked by your vision board should be purposeful – aimed at a specific target, with a specific plan.

Without applying these elements to your Vision Boarding, you will not have much success in manifesting your dreams, your desires and your goals.

The addition of these steps has added tremendous power to my vision boards.

I know this can work for you, too.

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