Eight Steps to Making a Memory You’ll Never Forget

by Connie

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I’m sure you’ve had an experience that you’ve wanted to remember, forever and ever, Amen. 

Did you find yourself trying to take it all in, hoping you wouldn’t forget a single detail?

Were you afraid facets of the memory would fade with the passage of time?

I’ve discovered just the solution. 

I want to share eight simple steps that’ll ensure you can make a memory that will last a lifetime. 

Ancient Wisdom Handed Down

I was back packing and climbing the Andes Mountains, hiking the narrow 25 mile Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, with friends.  During our climb, the highest peaks (around 13,000 feet) would have us looking down on the clouds below. 

We were led by our Quechua Indian guide, Edison.  The Quechuas are direct descendents of the Incans. 

Each day we climbed was more perfect than the rest.  The weather was sunny, dry and clear.  Your eye could see forever. 

There were flocks of scarlet, blue, green and gold macaws flying in matched pairs, overhead.  The macaws were as curious of us as I was of them.  They called out as they flew past, playing in the thermals of the mountain peaks. 

We were surrounded by the beauty and sounds of waterfalls and streams which sprouted out next to the trail.  The scent of nature enveloped us.  Wildflowers and unfamiliar plants were everywhere.

I was trying to take it all in, when I noticed my eyes had welled up with tears, causing my vision to blur.  I decided to give myself a moment, so I could continue safely on the trail. 

Edison noticed I stopped and came back to check on me.  I told him I was okay and that the he and the rest of the group could continue on. I was certain I could catch-up to them in just a few minutes. 

He noticed my water-rimmed eyes and asked me what was wrong. 

This is all so beautiful. It’s so perfect.  I’m sad that I might forget this, once I leave here and return to my life, back home.’ 

I was so elated to have the opportunity to experience this adventure and heartbroken, because of the fear I’d forget it.  It felt like an emotional civil war. 

Edison asked me, ‘Would you like me to teach you an ancient Indian custom so you will never forget this?’ 

I nodded my head, emphatically ‘Yes’, while I dried my eyes. 

I’d now like to teach you, what Edison taught me. 

How to Make a Memory

When there is a moment you want to remember forever, follow these eight simple steps to lock it into your memory bank. 

This practice takes no more than two to three minutes to complete. 

The example I’m using, refers to being outdoors, but this method works anytime, anywhere, indoors or out. 

  1. You will repeat the process four times; turning to the four corners of the earth.  (Relax; this is not an exact science, so no compass is needed.)  After going through each of your senses, you will be turning your body 90 degrees, to form a square or box, on the ground, with your feet.  If you are unable to physically turn in the four directions, visualize yourself doing so, in your mind’s eye. 

  1. First close your eyes, you will be concentrating on feeling every sensation you feel, hear, touch, taste, smell or sense. It’s all about being mindful and aware of every thing going on around you. 
  1. Notice how the earth feels beneath your feet.  Is it hard or does it ‘give’ a little when you press your feet into it?  Does it feel cool or warm?  Do you feel the breeze against your face?  Is it a light breeze or is it windy?  Make a mental note of the details. 
  1. Then listen for all the sounds you hear.  Can you hear the waterfall?  Do you hear the leaves rustling on the trees?  Are there birds calling in the background?  Do you hear crickets chirping?  Can you hear the wind?  Take note of all these details. 
  1. Breathe deeply and smell the air, bringing your awareness to all the surrounding scents.  Do you smell the air?  Can you smell the sunshine?  (C’mon, admit it, everyone has smelled sunshine, at some time in their lives.) Do you smell the water?  Can you smell fish?  Do you smell the moss or decaying leaves?  Bring your awareness to all of it. 
  1. Can you taste the air?  What does it taste like?  Make note of these sensations.  Are there any other sensations you feel in your body?  Bring those to your awareness, too. 
  1. After taking all these things in, gently open your eyes.  Take note of everything you see around you.  The water, the rocks, the trees, the fallen trees, the leaves, the moss, and so on.  Look around for 10 to 30 seconds or so. 
  1. Then, turn your body 90 degrees so you are facing another direction.  Close your eyes again and repeat the process, until you have faced the four corners of the earth. 

It has taken me longer to document this for you, than it takes to perform it. 

It goes by very quickly, once you get started. 

Since learning this technique, I have used it many times while traveling the world.  I’ve also used it during special moments I don’t want my memory to misplace; like watching my husband Steven, sleep. 

When you want to bring yourself back to that specific place and time, all you need to do is close your eyes and recall only a few of the sensations you’ve ‘recorded’ or imprinted upon your physical body, your mind and your soul.  The rest of the memory will come flooding back to you. 

The process is simple. 

It costs nothing. 

I can personally attest to the fact that it works. 

I urge you to try it, the next time you want to remember something eternally. 

You know, like the next time a child spontaneously throws their arms around your neck and tells you they love you. 

Or, you can try it when you and your partner are watching the sun setting over the water, sharing your ‘trip of a lifetime’. 

You can even try it when you are out in your yard, raking piles of leaves, laughing and jumping into the leaves with your dog and the neighborhood kids. 

You get to choose the memory you want to create. 

After all, memory banks need to have deposits made, too, right? 

What are some of your favorite memories?  Are your favorite memories big events or small every day happenings?  Are there future memories or events you look forward to recording?  The birth of a child, taking your dream vacation, the day you retire? 

Please share your comments and your memories, using the form, below.

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Krystyna Domagala November 18, 2010 at 9:57 pm

I’ve been doing this since I can remember without even knowing it! Not only does it make a memory you can’t forget, but it gives you a moment to pause and relax for a minute. You get to have those few seconds to really take in your environment with your mind, your body, and your soul.

A few months ago, after that terrible storm that hit this summer, I had the most amazing experience. I was really stressed out because the day before the weather made me 4 hours late for work (I start guilt tripping myself after about 5 minutes), my dad was in the hospital, and I only had a few days left that I could take Dan to the Museum of Science & Industry. On our way to the museum, there was this amazing fog by the lake. It was caused by all the excess water the previous day, and all the heat the next day. I don’t know why, but it really struck me as something absolutely beautiful. Since no one was on the road, we got to drive down lake shore drive nice and slowly, taking in every second.

I love those moments. They hit you when you’re least expecting it, and on days that you’re down, they remind you of true perfection.


Connie December 22, 2010 at 2:42 pm



Do you know how many people were driving down the same road, to the museum that very same day, and they didn’t see the beauty and serenity that you found, in the fog?

It’s all about having the eyes to see the beauty all around us and in our everyday experiences.

I’m happy for you, too, that moment was able to provide you some respite during your stressful family situation. I hope your father continues to do well.



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