What To Do When A Bug Is Bugging You

by Connie

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Since cold and flu season is here, I thought I’d share some common sense, holistic pointers, about how you can best support your body and your immune system, when a bug begins bugging you.  

10 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Run Down: 

  1. Get Real about What’s Going On.  We sometimes have a tendency to deny any developing health issues, even those as simple as a cold or flu.  We don’t want to miss the upcoming party, dinner with friends or our weekend getaway, so instead we fib to ourselves and minimize symptoms.  Step into your Courage to Question, and listen for the real answers.  They’re already there, waiting for you to pay attention and take appropriate, nurturing action.
  1. You Have Instincts, Feelings and Intuition for a Reason, so Use Them.  Most of us know when something’s just not right.  If you feel the need to get into your doctor, ASAP, then by all means schedule the appointment.  It’s always easier to call and cancel, then beg the office manager to squeeze you in at the last minute.  If you’re afraid to face ‘the unknown’ alone, call a family member or friend to go with you, for moral support.
  1. Never Forget, You have the Owners Manual to Your Body.  It’s a foreign concept to most, but you have the Owners Manual for Your Body.  You need to tap into your Strength to Fight for your own health and wellness.  Question:  ‘What do you call the bottom half of the med-school class?  Answer:  ‘Doctor’. (They sure aren’t selling home theater systems, after all that expensive schooling, now are they?) Don’t get me wrong, I have the utmost respect for the handful of doctors and medical professionals that are part of my health and wellness program.  But, I did my research, and I investigated and vetted every member of my team. One of the critical points for me is that we work together. 

It’s okay to question and disagree with your doctor or medical team.  I don’t blindly follow their advice and do everything they say.  If you don’t feel your medical professionals are taking you, your questions or concerns seriously, or you are uncomfortable in any way, get a second, third or fourth opinion until you are confident you’ve found someone who will collaborate with you on any health concerns or questions.

Step into your Confidence to Choose the right team for you and your needs.  I’m confident they’re out there, for you.

  1. Get Additional Sleep.  At the first signs of feeling run down or signs of other symptoms, go to sleep earlier than usual.  The only time your body creates healthy new blood cells is while you’re asleep.  So, if you are home ‘sick’, be sure to catch the extra ‘Zzzz’s’, and leave the Jerry Springer and Judge Judy re-runs for another day.  Many doctors believe your body has received sufficient sleep, once you wake-up without the use of an alarm clock.
  1. Make the Healthiest Food Choices You Can.  Your body needs clean, healthy fuel, to fight off the infection or bug.  Clean-up your diet by immediately eliminating all fast-food, junk food, dairy products, sugar, corn syrup, etc. and white, bleached and refined flours.  Ask yourself, ‘Is eating this going to support or suppress my immune system?’  Think of that one question as a litmus test, that you can perform very quickly.  If you don’t normally eat organic food, now would be a great time to support your body and immunity by doing so, even if it’s only until you get past the illness.
  1. Use Your Sick Days, Flex-Time or, Personal Time Off to Care for You.  Whatever it’s called where you work, it’s there for a reason, so do everyone a favor, including you, and take time away from work, to get your health back on-track.  Every one of us has interacted with staff in stores and offices that clearly appears like they should either be in bed or on their death bed.  I don’t appreciate them gambling with my wellness or the health of their co-workers, customers, clients, etc.  Stay home and take care of yourself and, therefore, others.
  1. Drink Only the Healthiest Fluids You Can, Immediately.  When you are feeling run down or a bug coming on, it’s time to eliminate soft drinks, caffeinated drinks, alcohol, and sugary-fruit drinks.  Ask yourself, ‘Is drinking this going to support or suppress my immune system?’  Again, use that question as a litmus test.  The human body is between 55% to 75% water, depending on which research you read.  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  You can’t go wrong with water. One of my favorite drinks is hot or cold water with lemon juice squeezed in.  It’s really refreshing and good for your organs, too.
  1. Cancel Personal Appointments, for Your Sake and for Every One Else’s Sake.  That hair cut can be rescheduled, so can the personal training session, massage appointment, visit to the dentist, etc.  If you explained to most service professionals why you are canceling, they’d be thankful to you, for doing so.  Most likely, they’ll offer to re-book you, as soon as you are feeling yourself, again.  Let’s face it; they don’t want to be around you if you’re bringing an extra friend along.  I’ve been at the salon while a nearby client was hacking and blowing her nose the whole time.  I kept wondering how she could be so self-centered. If you aren’t sure if you should stay or go; here are two suggestions; 1) reverse the situation and ask, ‘How would I feel if I was subjected to someone else’s sniffles and sneezes during my appointment’ and 2) when in doubt, call the service professional and ask their preference about rescheduling.
  1. Your Immune System Needs Movement and Circulation.  Don’t become a total slug.  Yes, sleep is good, but don’t overdo it.  Get up and walk around, even if you feel achy and a bit sore.  Force yourself to do this once every few hours to get your circulation, blood and lymph systems moving.  People heal more quickly when things are moving and circulating.  Why do you think hospitals require most patients to walk the halls?
  1. Keep a Positive and Optimistic Attitude.  The words and images you use to describe how you feel, both physically and mentally, to you and to others are incredibly powerful.  The mind is the most influential organ in the body, and it hears your every thought.  Be sure your thoughts and visualizations are positive beliefs, stated in the present tense.  Tell your self, over and over, again, ‘You are strong and healthy, in every way.’ and ‘You feel great.’  Before you know it, you’ll be back to your old self. 

Note:  I’m not a Doctor, nor do I play one on T.V.  These are only friendly, logical and holistic suggestions.  Please consult your medical professional, as needed.  

This was intended only as an overview.  If you have other tips or comments on the topic, please share them, using the email form, below.

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Krystyna October 20, 2010 at 8:17 am

Don’t forget the tea! The second I start feeling a little sick, I start drinking my mates, rooibos, and white tea. Adding plenty of honey and lemon to the mix gives you a nice, healthy sweet treat.


Connie October 21, 2010 at 3:35 pm

Krystyna, Thanks for the e-minder about the tea. When I mentioned water being my drink of choice, in my mind I knew I meant water in all it’s forms…’Michigan Straight’, hot water with lemon and, of course, Tea!

I’ve been blessed to have tea be a part of my health and wellness. I can honestly say tea saved my Life. How’s that for a testimonial? Thanks for your recommendations. I love all your suggestions…Minty and Yerba mates feel so good on my throat, I love the rich, deep flavors of rooibos and white teas, too.

They all have so much to offer us. And with such a wide variety out there, there’s always a tea to match your mood or wellness needs.

Thanks for taking the time to write! Connie


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