Sink or Swim: Life is About More Than Keeping Your Head Above Water

by Connie

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Everyone, it seems these days, is running in 19 different directions.  I’m sure you’re no different.  

I promise, after reading this post, you’ll know the difference between treading water and gliding towards your dream lifeThen, you can make an informed decision about which you’d rather do in your life; sink or swim. 

Unfortunately, most of us allow very little time in our life to really think about, well…our lives. 

Between the demands of work, family obligations, social activities, fitness, health and wellness appointments, pets and their care, home improvement projects, keeping up with the laundry, car maintenance, civic and volunteer opportunities, celebrating the arts, school, homework, special projects, cooking and cleaning, etc. 

There’s just so much to be busy with…isn’t there? 

Sure, there are things you want to change, or improve in your life.  How much thought have you given to that?  That’s the first step, you know. 

You have to have the Courage to Question what you want your life to look like.  What do you want it to be?  Where do you want it to go?

What’s on Your Personal ‘To Do’ List?

Here are a few quick promises that most of you have made, at one time or another.  Which of these do you relate to?  What else is on your list? 

  • How many years have you wanted to lose that 10 or 20 pounds?
  • When did you finally decide you were ready to meet the man or woman, of your dreams?
  • How long have you been telling yourself that you were really, truly going to spend ‘quality time’, regularly, with your family, your kids or grandkids?
  • How long has ‘clean out the _____’ (fill-in the blank here; attic, basement, garage, file cabinet, spare bedroom, etc.) been on your ‘to do’ list?
  • Do you dread going to work, each day?  When the alarm goes off, do you think to yourself, ‘Not again!’  Is it time to change careers, or at the very least, employers?
  • Weren’t you going to eat better, this year?  You know…more home cooked meals, and less fast-food?
  • And what about all that debt you’re carrying?  It’s like an ever-present lead collar, hanging around your neck, isn’t it?  That’ll keep you up at night, worrying, won’t it?

It’s time for me to ‘get real’ with you, and let you in on my little secret…none of these things are going to magically transform, on their own. 

It’s not going to happen.  Not now, not ever. 

There is no ‘hocus-pocus-domino-cus’ that’s going to make these changes occur, in your life, without some planning and direction, on your part. 

The Difference between Being Busy vs. Being Active

If you aren’t sure about the difference between being busy and being active maybe it would help to think through my analogy, to illustrate the point. 

Two swimmers, Jordan and Taylor, enter the water.  Jordan spots a raft, anchored in the middle of the lake.  She sets her sights on the raft and takes off, gliding in the direction of her destination. 

Taylor is busy, too; but he’s ‘busy’, as in treading water.  He’s  so busy keeping his neck above water that Taylor doesn’t even stop to think about the raft, nor does he begin to think about how he might get there. 

  • You can be busy treading water; as long as you realize you’re not going anywhere.
  • If you are actively moving towards your destination, you’ll eventually get where you want to go.
  • The choice is yours. 

The word ‘busy’ means ‘occupied, tied-up or filled-up’.  The word ‘action’ means ‘an act of will, accomplishing something or doing something over a period of time or in stages’. 

So, would you rather your life be filled-up with you just occupying it

Or, do you prefer to live your life accomplishing or doing something

The choice is yours.

Charting Your Course

In days of old, ancient mariners guided their ships by the stars.  Using celestial navigation, they mapped the constellations to prepare their way.  The navigators planned the most direct route to their target.  The sailors used their charts to guide them towards their passageway. 

They established their goal and made a plan, to ensure their greatest success in reaching their desired end point. 

The same is true for you and your life. 

You can choose to be busy or you can choose to be active, as in actively pursuing the life you want to live. 

You can live the life that you’ve only dreamed of.  (I know I am.) 

Again, the choice is yours. 

I encourage you to step into your power and have the Confidence to Choose to live the life you really want. 

Creating the Road Map, for My Life

I have a tried and true method of actively planning the direction of my Life.  And I know this vehicle will work for your life, too. 

  • I am healthier than I ever thought I could be.
  • Fun, hugs, smiles and laughter are a part of my every day.
  • I have rich, rewarding relationships with family members and friends.
  • I can walk 10 miles, without giving a second thought to my knees, ankles or back acting up for days or weeks, afterwards.
  • I have vacationed in dream destinations; traveling with my best friend, my husband, Steven.

The way I achieved all these things in my Life was by using a specific tool, and personally tweaking it, to amp-up its effectiveness. 

That tool is called a vision board. 

I’ve discovered the difference between getting results and not getting results in your life, while using vision boards. 

I first began using a vision board over 15 years ago.  To my utter amazement every experience and thing on my vision board has appeared in my Life. 

Many people have built vision boards and they’ve yet to see their vision come true. 

They may dismiss vision boards as a myth.  Or, they may feel they did something ‘wrong’ when creating their board; so that must be why it didn’t work.  I’m here to tell you, otherwise… 

I’ve brought to light three specific elements that are critical; if you want your vision board to work vs. falling flat. 

These three factors are the essential difference between vision boards that ‘make it or break it.’ 

You can learn to create vision boards that are powerful, life-changing tools and not just a collection of pretty pictures, representing wishful thinking. 

My Life was transformed into the amazing, loving, powerful, abundant, reality I live in, today. 

And, it can happen for you, too.  I know it can. 

Because the Universe wants your Life to be whatever you can dream, or hope, or want it to be

And, that’s exactly what I want your Life to become, too. 

It can happen. 

Please use the form at the top of my webpage to download my free e-book, ‘Active Vision Boarding; The Three Keys that took me from Aimless, Hopeless and Helpless to Happy, Healthy and Abundant’ at  The Power To Live

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Greg September 11, 2010 at 10:01 pm

Thank you for this post and thank you for the .pdf on Vision Boarding. The process of using the Vision Board has been an invaluable tool for my own adventure towards achieving my goals. And sharing your own travel towards achieving your goals truly adds value to everyone! It’s funny how things work together for good. I just put up my own post on my Most Successful Internet Businesses blog recently regarding Success Principles. The First one being ‘Adding Value.’ Thanks again for adding value to all of us!


Connie October 21, 2010 at 3:39 pm

Greg, Thanks for sharing how important your vision board has been, in reaching your goals. It’s so simple, and it works! Makes me wonder why we aren’t teaching Vision Board-ing in grade schools to our future, when kids are especially creative and open-minded. I’m sure the impact would be tremendous.
Thanks for writing and sharing your experience. Best of Luck in your business ventures! Connie


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