Over the Moon with Thanks and Gratitude

by Connie

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Have you ever felt incredibly small while standing in awe of something bigger than yourself?  Do you feel humbled, when this happens?  I have, many times. 

Did you notice anything different about yourself, afterwards, about how you felt?  Were you changed by the occurrence, somehow? 

When I feel minuscule, within the vastness of the Universe, the paradox for me is that I find my heart opens and expands.  

Suddenly, all the blessings that surround me magnify, multiply and amplify.  I appreciate everything in my Life, so much more. 

Let me share a little story, with you, to illustrate my point. 

My husband, Steven, and I were driving our friend, Randy back to his hotel; when I noticed a beautiful, majestic and mysterious full moon, in the sky.  It was hanging in the dark ink of the night. 

I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm.  I eagerly pointed out the orb to them.  They were talking and I was afraid they were both going to miss it, dangling there above us, suspended in the firmament. 

Learning to Be Thankful

Seeing the moon, reminded me of the Tom Hanks movie, ‘Joe vs. the Volcano’.  It wasn’t a big movie, by any means, but it’s long been one of my allegorical favorites. 

Let me share my ‘Reader’s Digest version’ of the movie, with you.  Joe is a hypochondriac who believes he is dying.  So he accepts an offer to throw himself into a volcano, as a human sacrifice.  The business deal allows Joe to spend as much money as he wishes, before his sacrifice.  (‘Live like a king, die like a man.’)  On the journey to the volcano, Joe finally learns how to live. 

This brings me, full circle, to my full moon reference and to one of my favorite scenes in ‘Joe vs. the Volcano’.  The scene features Joe and (you guessed it) a beautiful, majestic and mysterious full moon. 

Through a series of circumstances, Joe is adrift on the ocean, meandering along, wherever the currents take him.  (Remind you of anyone?) 

Joe wakes up on his makeshift raft with the full moon, overhead.  He spreads his arms out, to embrace the beauty before him and says: 

‘Dear God, whose name I do not know, thank you for my Life.  I forgot how big…thank you.  Thank you for my Life’.

Every time I see a full moon, I am humbled and reminded of  Joe’s soliloquy.  I get a twinge, electrifying both my body and soul, as I quietly repeat Joe’s prayer. 

Meister Eckhart said it another way; ‘If the only prayer you ever say in your Life is thank you, that will be enough.’ 

Practicing an Attitude of Gratitude

It’s so important for you to be thankful and grateful because it enriches your Life.  It’s something I practice multiple times every day. 

If it’s not part of your daily routine, I encourage you to try it.  Here are some of the benefits I’ve noticed in my Life, since practicing an ‘attitude of gratitude’: 

  • I’m more aware of all that I have to be appreciative of. 
  • I take fewer things for granted, because they are consciously on my ‘radar screen’. 
  • It amplifies and heightens all the riches I have in my Life; both big and small.
  • It immediately puts the minor annoyances and frustrations of the day, into the proper perspective.  

A Conscious Transformation

I have much to be thankful for and so much I am blessed with, today. But it wasn’t always this way.  Over the years, I’ve made a conscious decision to totally re-design my life, seeking out the beauty and the joy, in everyday Life. 

I’ve asked lots of difficult questions (The Courage to Question), I’ve made better choices (The Confidence to Choose) and I’ve dug my heels in (The Strength to Fight) to strive for the life I’ve always wanted, which is the Life I’m living now. 

And you can do the same.  I know you can.

I transformed me and my Life.  I re-created the blueprint of my life, using a vision board.  My vision board brought focus and direction and, eventually, all things good, into my Life. 

I promise to share more information with you, about my very unique perspective on vision boards and how vision boards changed my life’s direction, in future posts on this blog.  Be sure to look for it. 

Today, I acknowledge my appreciation and thanks, on a daily basis, as I go about my activities; sometimes silently and sometimes aloud.  It’s become as natural as a reflex to me. 

Thank You is Enough

The connection between the blessings and the gifts I’ve received and my appreciation of them is so apparent to me. 

There is such a ‘direct connect’, if you will.  It’s a given. 

Because I believe in the Law of Attraction, I believe that expressing gratitude draws my other intentions towards me, like a magnet. 

It’s not wrong to want more, to strive for more, no matter what it is, be it physical, mental or emotional; as long as you remember to be thankful for what you have, right here, right now. 

If giving thanks and appreciation is foreign to you or it isn’t a part of your life, I encourage you to try it.  It may feel unfamiliar, at first, but like anything else, the more you practice, the easier it gets and more natural it will feel to you. 

‘Thank you.’ is a good place to start.  It doesn’t get any simpler than that, or any more complex.

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Krystyna Domagala November 18, 2010 at 10:29 pm

I get teased a lot in my life and at work for this. Saying thank you is just the best feeling ever. Not only do you realize that you have something to be thankful about, but the person you thanked feels better too! They realize that they did something nice! How often do you find a win/win situation like that?


Connie December 22, 2010 at 2:35 pm


I’m happy that you continue to show appreciation and thanks, despite getting ribbed for it.

You are being true to yourself and that’s the best way to be.



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