Finding the Magic in Every Day

by Connie

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Why is it easier to believe that bad things will or are supposed to happen but you’re shocked when good things happen to you?

When positive things come your way, are your next thoughts about something bad happening or are you expecting the good thing to go away?

It doesn’t seem to matter if the positive event is serendipitous or something that you’ve worked your tail off to achieve. It seems as if you’re always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

What’s up with that?

Why can’t you take pleasure in your joy and happiness?

Why don’t you allow yourself to bask in the glow of your accomplishments or good fortune?

Why is it so hard to absorb your well-deserved ‘that-a-boys’, ‘you go, girls’ and ‘way to go’?

Is it just human nature?

Or are you conditioned to believe that you’re unworthy of good things, but you sure had it coming when bad things occur?

Do you see how flawed that thinking is?

Maybe it’s time to ask, ‘What’s my payoff? What am I getting by holding onto this pessimistic mind-set?’

Rolling in the Deep

I recall a time in my life when I fully expected only bad things. It wasn’t a happy period of my life, that’s for sure.

It was emotionally draining.

I felt worn down and tired all the time.

I slogged through each day, weighed down by the heft of my negative viewpoint.

At the time, my motto could’ve been, ‘Never threaten worse…’ because I fully expected it to get worse.

Having retrained my brain to reframe my experiences as Life Lessons, and after adopting a positive attitude, I now see the blessing in once having walked that pessimistic path.

  •  It’s given me a healthy perspective. I appreciate how far I’ve come and how blessed I am. Sure, Debbie Downer appears every once in awhile; I’m human. But she doesn’t stick around for long.
  •  I expect good things in my Life. While I work very hard to achieve some accomplishments, I also welcome the unexpected joy of the serendipitous things in my Life, as well.

Expect the Unexpected

That’s what makes Life fun…the out-of-the-blue, sudden surprises that brighten your day.

The Universe is playful and a little mischievous. It delights in surprising you with the unforeseen.

So you have to be looking for them; it’s like playing hide-and-go-seek.

Sometimes these things appear as big things.

On a daily basis, I experience small, yet significant occurrences. A stranger may pay for your morning ‘cuppa’ or you may find a coin on the street.

Perhaps a friend offered you free concert tickets, or you may have mis-dialed a phone number only to connect with a friend you’ve been meaning to catch-up with.

When you expect positive and optimistic things to appear in your Life, your affirmative thoughts draw additional happy things to you. You become a magnet for kismet.

Just expect the good fortune and good things to emerge. There’s an endless supply of surprises waiting for you.

When good things happen to you it’s because you deserve them.

Did you ever stop and think of that? Allow that thought to sink-in for a minute.

All you need to do is expect positive experiences.

That’s pretty straightforward.

It couldn’t be any easier.

The simplicity of this process is what I call, ‘The Magic in Every Day’.

So get out there and look for your very own magic. Go out there and uncover it!

It’s hiding in plain sight.

I promise you’ll have fun discovering this.

Whether you choose to wear a top hat and bring a rabbit along while doing so is totally up to you.

Are you ready to find the magic in your ordinary days? Are you prepared to re-connect with the fascination your Life holds?

Incredible things will happen right before your very eyes. All you have to do is believe…

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