5 Ways to Reconnect with your Wonderment

by Connie

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How long has it been, since you’ve felt fascinated or enthralled? 

Do you remember the last time you were in awe of something?

How long has it been since you’ve been completely taken in by whatever was unfolding before your very eyes?

Can you recall the last time you were spellbound, drawn into something so deeply, you were aware of little else? 

According to my standard if you can’t recall how long it’s been, it’s been too darn long, my friend.

Don’t you think you’re a bit overdue? 

Are you ready to do something about it? 

Consider this your call to action

It’s time to reconnect with your sense of wonder, because doing so is a simple way to blend your spirituality and connected-ness to people and the natural world around you.  (I know connected-ness isn’t officially a word but it is, in my vocabulary.) 

Ever Wonder Where Your Wonder Went?

Think back to your childhood. 

The days where you sprawled on the ground, watching ants cart leaves ten times larger than they were, exhibiting both Herculean strength and effort. 

The moments you were completely mesmerized by a fuzzy caterpillar, arching its way towards some meandering destination.  You watched intently, for what seemed like hours. 

  • You became lost in your observing.  Your curiousity joined you with the infinite and the divine, sharing both the answers to and the ambiguity of Life. 
  • Not only were you connecting to the infinite and divine around you, you were connecting to the infinite and the divine within you, by showing an interest in and exploring the unknown. 
  • The amazing and wonderful fact is this; the ability to bond with your essence remains within you.  The gift which connects you to recognizing the magic will never go away, even if you’ve taken a sabbatical from noticing the wonderful and wonder-filled that surrounds you, so abundantly.

Do you remember picking handfuls of bright yellow dandelions so you could present your bouquet to an honored adult?

This simple act brought you such joy and happiness.  It was uncomplicated and heartfelt.  Even more than that, it was authentic.

Can you recall how fun it was to make a wish and blow frothy, white dandelion heads into the sky and watch the seeds parachute back to earth? 

You were amazed at how far they traveled and how delicately they returned to the ground. 

Connecting to Something Greater

Exploring childhood observations expanded your relationship to your world. 

It helped you understand how large the Universe is and how limitless you were.  You understood how great an impact you could make with your actions and your ideas.

The possibilities of all you could do or become knew no boundsThe same is true, today.  

Nothing has changed, except your myopic perspective. 

Your potential is still immeasurable as long as you don’t over-think things and you begin paying attention.

Experiencing awe and wonderment are how you relate to things greater than yourself.  Amazement and surprise connects you to your spirituality by linking you to the divine and sublime in and around you.

Children get this.  No one ever needed to teach a child to be astounded or amazed. 

You can see the awe and bewilderment on the face of the little boy in the photo accompanying this post. 

I asked his mom what had him so intrigued.  Haley said he was enthralled with a bird at a family reunion. 

The look on his face inspired me to write this post.  His expression is so pure.  You can tell he’s completely drawn in and connected to that winged creature. 

Unfortunately, that intrigue and amazement is something some of us lose, as we grow older. 

Wonder and awe are natural human reactions.  They’re universal. 

It doesn’t matter what language you speak or what country you’re from.  Everyone understands these feelings, these connections and relationships. 

People everywhere understand a smile.  It’s a given.  There is no language barrier when someone smiles.  It’s recognized the world over.

The same thing is true with awe and amazement.  They’re emotions which are understood.  Reconnecting with your fascination and being in awe will help you connect with others. 

It’s not complicated, at all.  My suggestions are easy and do-able.  You’ll find them below.

How to Reconnect with your Wonderment

  • Start by being open to the unknown and unfamiliar.  Allow yourself to get drawn into things that call to you or catch your attention. 
  • View your world through new eyes, like you’re suddenly a visitor from another planet. 
  • Be curious.  Ask questions.  Remember:  The only stupid question is the one you want to ask but don’t, because you’re afraid of sounding stupid.
  • Break free of ‘shouldn’t, can’t and not supposed to.’  Give yourself permission to jump rope or join the basketball game.  Paraphrasing the Olympic swimmer Dara Torres, the jump rope and basketball don’t know how old you are, so why do you care?   (I love, love, love Dara and know we’ll meet one day.)
  • Give yourself permission to play and be playful.  Don’t be in such a hurry that you can’t laugh while watching the squirrels play tag.  It would be a shame to miss the incredible rainbow because you’re too busy running errands to look for it.     

You merged your fascination and your amazement as a child, without any thought.  You can do it again if you choose. 

Are you prepared to re-ignite your sense of wonderment and your belief in miracles?  Incredible things will happen right before your very eyes, when you do…

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Photo courtesy of Haley Moehlis.  (Thank you, Haley!  I’m so grateful.)

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