Are You Antsy?

by Connie

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We really aren’t that different from even the smallest of creatures around us, are we?

When it comes down to it, isn’t our nature essentially the same?

We may look at bugs and birds as minute, insignificant things.

If you dared you could ask, does your life mimic theirs or vice versa?

Along with wondering if the happiest, most fulfilled ants use little, teeny-tiny Active Vision Boards and Gratitude Journals like the happiest, most fulfilled people do.

Reaching Saturation Point

Like much of the U.S. this spring, it’s been raining for what seems like forever.

That’s okay; our lawn and prairie flowers have never looked better and I’ve never, ever had to shovel rain.

Still, it was nice to see the sun beaming down this morning, instead of an overcast sky.

I jumped at the chance to grab some sunlight.

I make a point to catch 30 to 60 minutes of natural Vitamin D, without wearing sunscreen or sunglasses, when the weather allows.

To paraphrase an ad slogan, ‘Sunshine does the body, mind and spirit good!’

While enjoying my rays, I noticed ants crawling everywhere.

Our sidewalks and driveway were teeming with the little buggers.

The ground is saturated with water. They must’ve come topside until the storm water sieved through their subterranean nests.

After watching them for a few minutes, I became drawn into their activity.

Instantly mesmerized, I was reminded of the hours I invested watching ants, as a child.

That’s when I made the connection between what they were doing and how many of us live our lives.

More Alike than Different

It didn’t take long for my surveillance to pay off, for here’s the connection I made…

The vast majority of the ants were scurrying hurriedly here and there. It’s clear to see where the phrase, ‘ants in your pants’ originated.

Most ants were running around, willy-nilly. They’d head in one direction, put on the brakes, randomly change direction and double-back. These ants ended up exactly where they began.

I wondered if the haphazard ants noticed they were never getting anywhere.

They were ‘busy being busy’ with no purpose behind their hectic behavior.

A small percentage of the ants had a focus. They were moving bits of leaves and blades of grass using impressive Herculean strength, with a determination to reach their intended targets.

These ants were taking action by performing small activities, making a difference in their lives.

At that moment, I realized how the ant culture is so similar to ours.

Are You Bobbing or are You Steering?

The majority of humans go through life, bobbing along like a direction-less cork. They may or may not even enjoy their lives.

Taking each day as it comes, they plod through without giving much thought to what they’re doing.

They don’t make big, lofty plans; which means they haven’t spent time identifying their hopes and dreams.

Since they can’t hit a target they can’t see, they aren’t taking action ensuring they’ll reach their greatest desires.

Most people spend more time planning holidays and vacations, then they do planning for their greatest wishes to come true.

How sad is that?

They don’t understand that not making a choice is making a choice.

Without even realizing it, they’re choosing the lives they’re experiencing. They’re drawing all of it to them.

A few of us consciously direct our lives by choosing the things we want to accomplish or experience.

Which ant are you?

  • Are you the ant who’s always flitting here and there, without accomplishing much or taking time to listen to or feed your Soul?
  • Are you the ant who’s ‘busy being busy’, running around while never getting much of anything done?

Are you the ant with the purpose?

  • Are you the ant who knows what it wants and who chooses taking action over staying busy, every day?
  • Are you the ant who understands that small actions lead to cumulative gains? Are you the ant who, after a week of activity and action has moved the equivalent of a full leaf into the nest?

Which ant do you want to be?

More importantly, which ant do you choose to be?

As always, the choice is yours.

The really amazing thing in choosing small, incremental gains is that you’re creating a ripple effect.

Your actions are creating an endless momentum, always bringing you closer towards living the Life you choose. Those changes will always be with you, in some way, shape or form.

That’s just how the Universe works, forever and ever, Amen.

Now I ask you…how cool is that?

And that my friend, is the ‘ant-ser’.

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Frank June 9, 2011 at 7:32 am


Great story and an even better observation. I have been the ant running around without purpose before. I was just going through the motions and following the direction that others had for me and my life. The only thing was after I was done I only ended up back in the same place only to take the same test over and over again. Finally I started to direct my own path by finding a purpose I believed in and staying the course to get where I needed to go. I still run around without purpose every now and then but eventually I get back on track. Great post.


Connie June 9, 2011 at 10:32 am


Thanks for sharing your experience. In the past, I’ve been the ant, too. True to your words, at times I’ve found myself falling back into ‘RAM’, aka: Random Ant Mode.

You may enjoy this post I wrote about my 4-year-old friend, Kate and her goal setting. She’s quite the little inspiration!
(Along with being cute as a button.)

Here’s my ‘Kate post’

It’s up to us to be ever vigilant, monitoring our own behavior and taking responsibility for our actions. Our goals are exactly that, ours to own, nurture and care for.

Thanks, again, for taking the time to write, Frank. Enjoy your day.



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