How Navigating Your Life is like Using a GPS

by Connie

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With technology advancing at warp-speed, most everyone has used, seen or heard of GPS (global positioning system) to plot a course.

I’ve noticed how the Law of Attraction (a.k.a. the Universe) and a GPS are basically the same.

I don’t know if you’ve made the same correlation, so let me explain…

What is a GPS and what does it do?

GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) is a network of 24 satellites, orbiting 10,600 miles above the earth, each containing a computer, a radio and an atomic clock.

GPS receivers allow users on land, sea or in the air to establish their exact location, speed and time, under any weather conditions, anywhere in the world.

If you input a destination, a GPS will give you directions to your target, no matter what obstacles you encounter or how unrefined your sense of direction may be.

It’ll feed you real-time traffic, accident and construction reports; steering you towards your destination via your desired route.

You’ve got to admit; that’s a pretty cool use of technology, right?

How does a GPS work?

You input your end point, your destination or your goal.

The GPS also allows you to include, using GPS-lingo ‘Points-of-Interest’ or POI’s. POI’s are places, events or things you want to experience and don’t want to miss on your journey.

Once you tell the GPS where you want to go and the things you want to experience or see, the GPS figures and computes multiple routes, in a mere twinkling of time.

You choose your preferred route from the selections offered.

Similarities between a GPS and the Law of Attraction

Just like a GPS, the Law of Attraction conspires to bring your greatest desires to you, by presenting you with opportunities.

You choose your preferred route from the selections offered.

The Law of Attraction works with you and your hopes and dreams to create a union.

The Universe wants you to merge with your wishes, but it doesn’t do it for you. You’ve got to do your part, too.

In a jumping-jack-flash, the Law of Attraction determines a myriad of paths for you to take; based upon the things you want (e.g. – POI’s like happiness, great relationships, etc.) vs. the things you don’t want (e.g.-depression, debt, etc.)

Just like the Law of Attraction, a GPS instinctively knows how to get you from where you are to exactly where you want to go.

The Law of Attraction and a GPS know all the steps, in the proper order to get you to your heart’s desire or your vision.

You tell the GPS where you want to go and what you want to see and it’ll reveal the next stage.

Using the Law of Attraction, you tell the Universe what you want to experience and where you want to go and the next step will be revealed to you, when you’re ready.

5 Steps to Finding Your Path

Before a GPS or the Law of Attraction can guide you towards your destination, you need to do your part:

1. You need to decide where you want to go, even if it’s only a general direction.

2. You need to be clear about what you want or don’t want. What adventures do you want to experience? What do you want to avoid?

3. A plan will be presented, revealing multiple ways to show you how to get where you want to go.

4. You need to trust the system, while being willing to ‘roll with it’
if there are a few unforeseen detours along the way. Both the Law of Attraction and the GPS will continue guiding you if unexpected things cross your path.

5. GPS navigation doesn’t begin until the car is moving. You need to take action. You need to get in the car, put it into gear, step on the gas and drive.

The Law of Attraction won’t guide you towards your dreams unless you put it into gear and get moving.

Remember what Newton said about ‘…an object at rest staying at rest…’

You’ll never make it out of your parking spot by only hoping, wishing and dreaming about your journey’s end. You’ve got to take some action.

What’s stopping you? Get clear about what you want, and you can make it happen.

The Law of Attraction is waiting.

The Universe is waiting for you, too.

Your dreams are waiting for you.

So have at it.

Decide what you want.

Then, take some action, any action towards that destination and the Law of Attraction will set your plan in motion.

Be sure to send me a postcard when you get there!

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Jody May 11, 2011 at 12:40 pm

Wow! fabulous post today! They just keep getting better and better Connie Lee!


Connie May 14, 2011 at 6:34 pm

I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. Thanks for your kind words of encouragement.

It’s my intention to keep raising the bar. Please help me spread the news of the website, by sharing it with your friends and family members.



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