Is Your Elastic Too Tight?

by Connie

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Question:  What does underwear that’s giving you a little pinch have in common with a life that feels a tad too constricting? 

Answer:  They’re both so much more enjoyable when they’re stretched out a bit. 

Have you ever worn a new pair of underwear and found them just a smidgen too tight? 

They weren’t un-bearable or un-wearable, mind you.  Never the less, you looked forward to the day when the elastic eased up. 

You knew you’d be much more comfortable if you were able to relax and breathe more freely. 

Now ask yourself these questions: 

I have a wonderful answer for you, if you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions and you’re feeling boxed in. 

This solution is guaranteed to give you huge returns on your investment, too. 

Ready?  Here it is… 

Step outside your comfort zone.

Just like that. 

Simple, simple, Simon. 

Step outside your comfort zone. 

It doesn’t have to be a big change; just do one thing differently

  • Comfort zones are resilient and pliable.  And because comfort zones are elastic and flexible, they help you expand your world.
  • When you expand your world, you extend who you are you are, in it. 

‘Even babies like to grab for things just beyond their reach.’

                                                        Cynthia Copeland Lewis

When you s-t-r-e-t-c-h the elastic of the comfort zone encircling you, you’ll probably find you’re more open to stretching it a little further and a little further, just like stretching an unfilled balloon or a rubber band. 

Once you start trying new things, it feels less awkward and uncomfortable and more freeing and fun.  You ease into it. 

What if I over-extend my self, you ask?   What if I misjudge my level of feeling safe by stepping too far outside of my comfort zone?’ 

Not to worry, comfort zones are amazingly stretchy and sproingy. 

(Yes, ‘sproingy’ is a word.  I know because it’s my word.  I made it up years ago, but you can use it anytime you’d like.) 

Yep, comfort zones bounce back, if you need them too.  The incredibly fun thing about comfort zones is that they never quite return to where they started. 

Once you’ve stretched your comfort zone out a bit, it realizes it must have been a little too snug for your expanding, limitless Life. 

Your comfort zone returns to its original shape, only a little more loosely.  Its resiliency gives you room to try something new with less trepidation the next time opportunity comes a-knocking. 

Let’s face it; there will be a ‘next time’, right? 

Your comfort zone is ready for its workout. 

The question is, are you? 

What have you done to step outside of your comfort zone?  How did you feel afterwards?  Empowered?  Nervous?  Fearless?  Silly?  Proud? 

I’d love for you to step outside your comfort zone and share your experience or comment on this post, using the form below. 

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