The Time for Your Revolution is Now!

by Connie

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The political landscape is changing in the Middle East; which means the whole world is in the process of shifting, too. 

The ripple effects will touch everyone’s lives, due to the globalization of trade, politics, communication, travel and transportation. 

It’ll take awhile to know if the entropy, or disorder of the system, will be positive or detrimental to the region and the world. 

It’s the percentages of good vs. evil that are left to be sorted out.  Time will tell… 

After the fall of the Egyptian government, Google exec, Wael Ghonim, said: 

‘The only barrier to a revolution is the psychological barrier of fear.  If you manage to break that barrier, you’ll definitely be able to have a successful revolution.’

 What struck me about the quote was this; the same truth applies to creating a successful personal insurgency, as well. 

Once you face your fear, but do ‘it’ anyway, there’s no stopping you, because you’ve created your own momentum. 

The impetus for your personal revolution becomes inevitable, but first you’ve got to take action.  It’s up to you to get things started.  You’ve got to start the chain reaction. 

Choose to do one thing differently and your Life will never again be the same; because you’ve shifted your energy, thrusting change into motion.

It doesn’t matter how large or small a change you choose; because the Universe is always paying close attention to your intention and your action. 

After you’ve addressed those details, you can just go about your day, while the Universe sets things in motion to re-charge your Life.  I can tell you from personal experience; the Universe never misses a step, either. 

First, you’ve got to do your part. 

You’ve got to take action. 

You are the solid rocket boosters in your Life. 

You are the sun creating your personal fusion. 

You are the fuel-injection system propelling your engine, on any road and in any direction, you choose. 

You are the one capable of doing incredible things with your Life, all because you had the guts to dare.  You dared to try something new

The psychological barrier is there, but it’s certainly not real.  My favorite definition for fear is: False Evidence Appearing Real, because it’s so accurate.  I still remind myself of this, from time-to-time. 

Think of fear as a filter to separate those who are ready, from those who aren’t ready to move forward with their Life. 

Fear is a screening process that sorts those who are ready to take action, to live the lives they are meant to be living, from those who haven’t committed to their own personal revolution and coup d’etat. 

It’s the doors you choose to open and walk through, and the doors you choose to shut and leave behind, that create the Life you will live each day. 

When opportunity comes knocking at your door, will you choose to invite it in like a welcome guest, or will you choose to ignore the knock and pretend you aren’t home? 

The choice is yours. 

Oh, and the power is yours, too. 

Now, that’s revolutionary, don’t you think? 

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