What Car Designers Can Teach You About Life

by Connie

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I was tooling around town, running errands in my car, when I was stopped by a freight train. 

This unexpected time-out gifted me with the opportunity to notice things I hadn’t seen before. 

With my car in Park, I looked in my rear view mirror, to see how many cars were behind me.  After looking back, I returned my gaze towards the front. 

Instantly a thought ‘clicked’ in my mind and it caused me to laugh. 

My thought was, ‘We sure can learn a lot about Life, from car designers.’ 

Does that sound like a stretch to you?  Allow me to explain. 

The front windshield is a ‘must have’ item.  Let’s face it; driving wouldn’t be user-friendly if the front glass was replaced with plywood or sheet metal. 

On the other hand, while the rear view mirror is helpful, it really isn’t necessary.  It’s there more for convenience and perspective.  You could certainly drive a car without a rear view mirror. 

Those thoughts led to these observations: 

The windshield is 80% larger than the rear view mirror.  (You can trust me on this; I measured them for you, when I got home.) 

You may find it helpful to make note of these four points: 

  1. The reason the front windshield is so much larger than the rear view mirror, is because it’s a necessity and it’s used to look forward, so you can focus on where you’re heading.
  1. Because you need to look forward with vision and clarity, the designers included windshield washers and wipers for the front windshield.  You’ll note the rear view mirror lacks this feature, leading one to believe seeing what you’ve left behind isn’t that important to your journey. 

  1. The rear view mirror is smaller than the windshield, because it’s used to look behind.  When it comes down to it, this mirror is helpful but not essential. 
  1. Speaking in estimates, I’d guess most drivers use the windshield 80% of the time and the rear view mirror 20% of the time.  Doesn’t it make sense to apply these proportions to these perspectives while driving on your chosen road

When thinking about your Life, ask yourself the following question: 

Which direction do you spend more time focusing on; what’s ahead of you or what’s behind you? 

  • To live an abundant and full Life, it’s vital to see where you’re headed, with vision and clarity. 
  • It’s not essential to see where you started from, or where you’ve been.  Sure, it gives you some perspective, but it’s not a necessity if you’re focused on what’s ahead.
  • If you apply the correct proportions, along with the proper point-of-view, you can find yourself moving forward in your Life, towards the direction of your intentions, dreams and visions. 

Now that car designers have helped us uncover these Life Lessons, they can spend their time on equally important things; like when will the flying ‘George Jetson car’ be hitting the showrooms? 

When the airborne car finally does make its debut, I’m ordering the personal jet packs from the dealership, too.  I can’t wait to learn what insights can be gained from that perspective, how about you? 

What Life Lessons have you unexpectedly discovered, while going about your day?  Have they surprised you, as well as made an impact upon you?  Please share your comments using the form, below. 

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Jetsons image © Hanna Barbera Studios

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