Six Benefits of Having an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’

by Connie

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I’ve written about expressing thankfulness, on a daily basis.

So, why do it?  Why adopt an attitude of gratitude?  What’s in it for you? 

Here are some advantages you’ll receive by adopting this practice into your daily Life: 

  • You’ll appreciate the wonderful things that are already present in your life, just by noticing all that you currently have to be thankful for.
  • You’re placing yourself in a positive, optimistic state-of-mind, simply by taking inventory of things you’re grateful for, on a daily basis.  I’ll bet you’ll catch yourself smiling more.
  • Research in quantum physics confirms that all things are made up of energy.  Hopeful, upbeat thoughts, like thoughts of gratitude and thanks, vibrate at a higher, more elevated frequency. 

If you’re like me, now you’re hearing the Beach Boys harmonizing to ’Good Vibrations’.  You can sing along, if you want to.  (I’m pickin’ up good vibrations, oom bop bop, good vibrations…) 

These good vibrations, or your positive thoughts and energy, alters your subsequent thoughts and transforms the reality around you, in a positive way.  Now, who wouldn’t love experiencing that?

Look at the works of Dr. Masaru Emoto in ‘The Hidden Messages in Water’.  Dr, Emoto studied the effects of positive vs. negative thoughts and words on water droplets. Then he froze the water crystals and examined them under a microscope.  The photos of the crystals are enlightening.

  • Practicing thankfulness teaches you to be present.  As Tricia, my yoga instructor and friend reminded me, ‘Be here, now.’  You become more aware of the bounty that surrounds you, because you’re silently taking inventory throughout your day. 

It’s like after buying a new car, you suddenly notice all the cars on the road that are the same make or model, as yours.  All those cars were on the road, before.  Now you’ve got a heightened awareness, so you’re paying attention to them.  You’re taking notice.  You’re present. 

  • Adopting an attitude of gratitude helps put the frustrations, annoyances and Life Lessons into the proper perspective.  Since you’re focusing on the positives in your Life, you’re not giving energy to the negative people, situations or things, you encounter.  You’re conserving power; your personal power.
  • You’ll feel more confident by being thankful.  You’ll begin to become fearless, as in ‘fear less’.  You’re still riding the horse; but you’re loosening up on the reins, if you know what I mean. 

Have you begun your daily practice of expressing thanks, yet? Have you noticed any changes?  If so, what have you gained or noticed?

If you haven’t adopted an attitude of gratitude, I’m curious.  Why not?  Please share your thoughts, using the comments section, below. 

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