Strutting Your Stuff

by Connie

Cowgirl Personal Style

My husband, mother-in-law, Eyelyn, our friend, Shirley, and I were catching-up, over dinner in another friend’s Mexican restaurant tonight, when my thoughts were interrupted by a repetitive ‘click, click, click’ sound emanating from the authentic Saltillo tile, on the floor.

I looked around the room, and noticed a young mom and dad walking towards the booth, to be seated behind us.  They were followed by their daughter, who appeared to be around 3 years old.

As the little girl walked towards the table, the clicking sound continued.  I looked towards the floor to notice she was proudly wearing pint-sized cowboy boots with silver spurs, attached.

I shared my discovery with the rest of our table.  The four of us joined in laughter, because she was so clearly filled with pride, over her choice in footwear.

I turned around and said to her mom, ‘Wow! Now that’s a fashion statement.’  The mom said, with an apparent cringe, ‘I was hoping no one would notice…’

I replied, ‘I love it!  She’s so young and already she knows how to work a room.  And she knows how to make an entrance.  Good for her, I hope she continues to ‘work it.’

Mom looked a little apologetic and embarrassed; so I winked at her, to reinforce my approval, before turning to rejoin our table.

I kept thinking about this little girl and her impenetrable sense of style.  She was making a very confident and very public statement about who she was and how she saw herself, in this world.  Who could argue about that?

That got me to thinking, just how different would this world be, if each of us were so unapologetic in proclaiming who we were?  Would we be less judgmental of others, if we were more sure of whom we were as individuals?

How much easier would it be for us to connect with one another, if we were to declare with both pride and confidence, that this is who we are, what we believe in and what we are passionate about?

Which brings me to ask, how might your world be enhanced, if one of the ‘givens’ in your Life was you expressing your personality while sharing the gifts that make you uniquely you?

We subtly express our individuality through our clothes and hair.  We also convey who we are, to others, by the cars and the cell phones we own.

But what about the other things, the more meaningful things, that make us special or unique?  Do you share your passions with your friends?  Do you share your special talents with your community?

Do you excel at networking and organizing others?  There are local charities that would love for you to share your talents.  Do you love to read and want to inspire others? The library would love you to read at ‘Story Time’ or head-up a book club.  Do you love to bake?  There are tween-agers across the street from you, who have never baked with their mothers.  They would love the opportunity to share in your fun and learn what you can teach them.

Each of us has unique talents and passions.  Our gifts are meant to be shared with the world.  I believe it’s our obligation to share these things with others; because that’s when our gifts and talents take on real meaning, for both the giver and the receiver.  And, that’s what I call a ‘Win!-Win!’

So get out there and strut your stuff.  Share your skills and interests with others.  It doesn’t have to be on a grand scale.  Start small.  It will grow as you see fit.  You’ll know what’s right for you.  I guarantee that you will gain more than you give.  The connections you make with others will be priceless.

I challenge you to make a conscious decision to mindfully incorporate this little girl’s indomitable spirit into your Life, in the days and years, ahead.

The Bible tells us, ‘And a child shall lead them.’  Until tonight, I just never realized she would be wearing silver spurs, while doing so.

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Krystyna August 5, 2010 at 8:21 pm

Its sad to see how we lose our sense of self as we get older. If you haven’t already read it, I HIGHLY recommend the book Reviving Ophelia. Its about how girls start off so capable and self-aware but slowly lose themselves to things like peer pressure and society. Reading it really gives you a whole new perspective on things and makes you realize that accepting yourself is very important, even if no one else agrees with you. I was actually about to donate my copy so I’ll leave it at the tea shop for you.


Connie October 21, 2010 at 4:12 pm

Krystyna, Thanks for recommending ‘Reviving Ophelia’. I recall being in grade school and the girls scoring consistently higher than the boys in Math and Science courses. The table began turning in Jr. High. By High School I was one of three girls in Chemistry and Physics class. The world would be a much different place if ALL of us realized how capable and self-aware we truly are, at our core. The answers are all within, we just need to get quiet enough to listen to them. Connie


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