How to Overpower Fear and Disappointment in 1 Easy Step

by Connie

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Think back to when you were a small child. 

Do you remember how eager you were to try new things? 

If a grown-up, or another kid, showed you how to do something new, anything new, do you recall how ready and raring to go, you were? 

You couldn’t wait to try ‘it’?  It didn’t matter if ‘it’ was learning how to whistle, how to skip a rock, hit a baseball, perform a summersault or a slight-of-hand magic trick. 

What was the first thing out of your mouth?  Do you remember what you would say? 

‘Let me try!  I want to try.  Lemme, lemme…’ 

Can you recall the fearless joy and eagerness you had for trying new experiences, as a child? 

The real wonder is that you didn’t think about failure or defeat.  You didn’t fear that your early attempts might be less-than-perfect. 

You were okay with that.  You just jumped right in, with both feet. 

It may have taken awhile before you had your new skill, down pat.

Yet, you carried on, undaunted, didn’t you? 

You weren’t concerned that you may not execute the perfect cartwheel or skate board run, right off the bat.  That fact didn’t trouble you, in the least. 

What once mattered was that you got to try something new, anything new.  When you try something new: 

  • You’re expanding yourself.  You’re amplifying who you are, in your world.
  • You’re seizing the opportunity to develop your talents and abilities, beyond where they were, the day before. 
  • You’re extending yourself and intensifying your presence, here, by inviting new experiences into your sphere.  You can’t begin to know where your new gifts and ventures might lead, which make it even more exciting! 

That’s why you were so wound up that you almost couldn’t contain yourself.  You couldn’t wait for it to be your turn to try. 

You were passionate about attempting something new.   The mere thought of it was alluring, enticing, even. 

It’s about testing yourself; seeing if you’re up to the challenge.

Sure, once you perfected whistling, or your first steady bike ride, you were ready for fireworks to go off and join in your celebration.  Not that you needed fireworks or cake to help you celebrate. 

  • You were bursting with personal pride and a sense of accomplishment, simply because you did it!
  • You put yourself out there and you tried.  It doesn’t matter if you executed ‘it’ perfectly, because the fact that you tried was an accomplishment and reason enough to be proud.
  • You tried.  That’s all it took to feel complete. 

And in that moment, your self-confidence knew no limits. 

Nothing about these facts has changed since you were a child, except you’ve been blessed to turn years upon years of calendar pages. 

Let me ask you this; when’s the last time you recall feeling that sense of accomplishment, just for putting yourself out there?  Was it days ago, months ago?  I hope it wasn’t years ago since you’ve allowed yourself to feel that alive and triumphant.

What was the occasion surrounding your most recent instance of personal accomplishment?  How recently have you felt that fulfilled, because you tried something you really wanted to do, but maybe deep down, you kind of, weren’t really sure, you could do? 

Then, you tried.  And, in doing so, you found your ‘Win!’ 

That’s all it took, because you dared to try. 

You know the point in time I’m talking about; that adrenaline fueled moment where you found yourself pumping your arm in the air, while cheering yourself on with an audible, ‘Yes!  Yes! Yes!’ followed by, ‘I did it.  I did it.  I really DID it!’ 

Isn’t it about time you’ve felt that alive, again? 

When it comes right down to it, isn’t that what Life is all about? 

Isn’t one of the reasons you’re here, to grow and learn and expand? 

Are you here to feel alive, involved and engaged? 

I am. 

I hope you are, too. 

Because in my world, ‘The more, the merrier!’  I’d sure love for you to join the party. 

And, remember, there’s no invitation, required.  :~) 

When’s the last time you tried something new?  What did you try?  Do you test yourself, from time to time?  What are you hoping to get out of those experiences?  Is there something you’ve wanted to try, but you keep holding yourself back?  What would it take for you to try that ‘thing’?  Courage?  Permission?  A stiff drink?  Please send your comments, using the form, below. 

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