Stepping Into Your Personal Power

The Boxing Class Lesson

by Connie

(…a self-confidence building, life lesson – an unexpected one, at that…)

I planned to go to my boxing class, but I ended up running short on time.    I decided to go to class anyway, even though I knew I would be rushed driving there and prepping for class.

My preference is to always be early for any appointment, but given the choice of rushing to get to the gym or sitting at home on the couch, I still felt I made the better choice.

Once at the boxing gym, I quickly wrapped my hands and placed my gloves by my chosen heavy bag.

Class started and after the warm-up stretches and calisthenics the instructor gave us the first few combination punches for us to practice.  It was time to slug it out.

I was glad I decided to come, but because I had been rushed, I wasn’t feeling fully committed to class.  I was ‘phoning it in’ while wearing 15 feet of protective hand wraps and 14 oz. boxing gloves, on each hand.

Trained professional that he is, it didn’t take long for my 6 foot 4 inch instructor to notice my lack of engagement.   He approached me, at my bag, and called me out on my sloppy footwork.   I replied with some lame excuse about running late and rushing in.  He didn’t buy it for one second.  Major groan.

He called me out, again, only this time it was for my lazy footwork and for trying to get away with a lame excuse.  I was busted.

Inside my head, I noticed a civil war taking place.  I was whining that he wasn’t giving me ‘a pass’ while thanking him for holding me accountable.  I’m sure you’ve been in that same mindset, before, haven’t you?

To prove his point to me about the necessity of strong stances, he put his gloves on and motioned for me to meet him at the front of the class.   This class was not going anything like I had planned.

He wanted me to throw the punch combination I had been working on, minutes earlier. This time, however, he would emulate my sloppy footwork.

The instructor leaned in towards me and gently said, ‘Hit me.’  So I did, lightly tapping his gloves with mine.  He leaned in, again, and said,

‘I said, hit me.’  So, I threw my punches again, this time a little harder.

He leaned in even closer to my face and said, ‘I said, HIT ME.  I want you to throw those punches like your life depended on it.’

I took a quick, deep breath to ground myself.  I firmed up my stance, reached back and threw my punches with all the form and strength I had within me.

The instructor lost his footing and went flying backwards.  I was so stunned that power, that force, that energy had come from within me.

He caught his fall, before landing on his bum.  He had a huge smile across his face and so did I.

The instructor said to me, ‘See, that’s what I wanted you to do.  I knew you had it in you!  And now you know you have it in you, too.  So watch those feet and let it fly!’  We both knew I finally got it.

He told me he was really proud of me, because I helped him prove his point; that even though he is 8-10 inches taller than me and he weighs 80-100 pounds more than I do, that I have the power to take him on, if I needed to.

I learned a Life Lesson that day.  It’s one I know will translate into so many areas of my Life. It was a very empowering lesson.  And, it was a very unexpected lesson.  Some of the best ones are, though, aren’t they?

It was a lesson not only about footwork, but about already having the power within and unleashing that power, from somewhere deep inside.

I believe that we are born into this world, having all the answers we will ever need, in Life.   It’s all right there, within us, waiting for us to get quiet enough to tap into our inner wisdom; our knowing, our soul.

Until going to class that night, I hadn’t realized that we must also be imbued with all the strength and all the power we will ever need.

All we need to do is to step forward, be courageous enough to tap into that power and to unleash it into the world.

So, are you ready?  Are you ready to finally step into your power?

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