Sharing the Warmth of the Season All Year Long

by Connie

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Christmas season is upon us.  While I enjoy the lights hung from the eaves, hearing the carols, and seeing the many different interpretations of how Christmas trees can be decorated, what I most enjoy about the season is the emphasis on people

It seems an unwritten rule, that for the five weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day people are kinder and more mindful of one another.  They reach out, reconnecting with old friends while including new friends in their traditions and holiday celebrations.

All during the year, Steven and I donate food, money and our time, to the local food pantry, as well as numerous other charities in our town.  During the past three years, we’ve expanded our donations to include fleece blankets for the elderly, as well. 

The idea simply came to me while I was sitting at home on the couch, reading one evening.  I was snuggled under my fleece throw, on a cold, winter night.  The next thing that entered my mind is what I call an inspired thought. 

Inspired thought is an idea that pops into our heads, placed there by something greater than us.  You can choose to allow it to be a fleeting thought.  Or, you can choose to be inspired to take action, by making a positive change in your world.  

My inspired thought was, ‘I’m so thankful I have my warm throw.’

Let’s face it; that’s a pretty uncomplicated idea, right?

My next thought was that others might not only enjoy the warmth of their own blanket, but they might be warmed, too, by the fact that a ‘friend they haven’t met yet’ in their community, thought of them, as well.

My inspired thought was complete, which gave birth to my plan. 

Steven and I would spend the next year watching for sales and buying fleece blankets, so we could donate them to the senior citizens in our community.  The throws would be delivered to the elderly, along with donated food, during the colder months.

It couldn’t be simpler. 

All it took was an inspired thought and inspired action. 

This holiday season, and every day in the coming year, I encourage you to ‘Pay it forward.’ 

I do, each day, in some small way. 

You’ll benefit by the warm feeling you’ll get, when doing something nice but unexpected, for someone else. 

The unintended and unanticipated residuals are incredible, as well.  When you do something for others, whether they know you helped them or not, the Universe pays attention. 

I call it, ‘your Karma bank’.  Just like with any standard bank, it’s better to be making deposits, rather than withdrawals, from your Karma bank.     

Pay attention to your inspired thoughts and take whatever action they inspire you to take. 

I guarantee you’ll be changing at least two lives, while you’re taking inspired action.

Which, when you think about it, is just another way of illustrating Charles Dickens enduring words, ’God bless us, everyone.’

Do you recognize when you have inspired thoughts?  What actions have you taken, when these hit you?  How has your inspired action enhanced the lives of others?  How have your inspired actions enhanced your life?  Please share your comments, using the form, below. 

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Karen Doherty December 27, 2010 at 4:17 pm

What a gorgeous site I just stumbled across..Very inspirational…Reminds me so much of a book I received many years ago from a special person also called Connie, from the Chicken Soup for the soul range.


Connie December 29, 2010 at 6:43 pm

Well, this just goes to show there’s ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ and the power of the Internet. It reaffirms for me, once again, the synchronicity of the Universe; bringing our lives together, after all these years.

I don’t know what you were searching for, or how you found me, but it’s wonderful hearing from you. I haven’t seen you since you flew over from Ireland for our wedding.

Please share word about the website with your family and friends. I’d love it if you would subscribe to

Hope all is well, with you and yours, Karen. I’m having ‘a cuppa’ while typing this message.



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