Finding Synchronicity in a Sanctuary

by Connie

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Would you like to feel more confident?  More hopeful about your Life?

More at peace with your decisions?  More connected to you?

Do you have a few minutes?  I’d love to share one of the best investments of time, you’ll ever make. 

I’m convinced you’ll receive an excellent return on your investment.

Allow me to explain…

Making ‘Me Space’

In my ‘prior life’, I was in a very bad, very dark marriage.  I was miserably unhappy, yet I wasn’t sure what to do next or where to turn for those answers.

The house we lived in was so tension-filled, I’m surprised there was room for us to reside.  There was no space for a personal sanctuary; no place for me to reflect and unwind

The hiking trails of the nearby arboretum became my chosen sanctuary. I was a member of the botanic gardens, which allowed me to gain entry to the site, earlier in the morning than the general public. 

Every morning at the crack of dawn, I would drive over to hike the many trails and to feed my Soul, before heading off to work.

Some days, while trekking, I listened to the birds and creatures, chirping, calling or rustling around me, as they followed their morning routines. 

Other days, I wore my headphones, listening to music, while on the trails. 

A Life Long Memory in the Making

I have a memory of one particular crisp fall day that I’ll carry with me, until I leave this earth. 

I was soaking up every detail within my sanctuary; the sounds of the wildlife scurrying around me, the scents of the decaying leaves and fallen branches and trees, the soft give of the earth beneath my hiking boots, the nearly bare skeletons of some trees compared to the fullness and vibrancy of the evergreens. 

I was completely present and in the moment, as they say.

Since I tend to overheat while hiking, I was wearing leggings and a sleeveless tee shirt, so my arms were uncovered.

After listening to the sounds of nature, I put on my headphones to listen to Jeff Buckley’s album, ‘Grace’. His music touches my Soul in a way I can’t begin to describe. 

I was so engrossed in Jeff’s amazing three and a half octave vocal range and his melodies that I barely paid attention to where I was on the long, yet familiar, trail.  

Jeff began singing his version of ‘Hallelujah’.  His rendition of this song is one of my all-time favorites, forever and ever, Amen. 

If you haven’t heard it, do yourself a favor and listen to it.  He was amazing. The world was graced by his incredible range and his many musical talents, indeed.

At that exact moment, Jeff began singing the words, ‘Hallelujah, hallelujah…’ 

Synchronicity at Play

With a synchronicity that happens more frequently than we mortals usually notice, I looked at my arms, and realized they were golden, from my shoulders down to the tips of my fingers. 

I couldn’t figure out what I’d brushed-up against that tinted them.  Was I covered in pollen?    

I slowly turned my arms over, to discover every inch was the same deep golden color.  I was trying to make sense of this.

I looked up towards the sky and noticed I was hiking through a huge camp of bright yellow-leafed trees. 

The song continued when I realized the sun and leaf canopy had collaborated to paint my arms with the brilliance of their color, some 40 to 50 feet overhead.

The strong, intense sun of the fall morning had transformed the trees into my own personal cathedral.

The floor of my cathedral was covered in a carpet of intense saffron colored leaves, which the trees had already shed. 

I was reminded of Thoreau’s quote:

‘Heaven is under our feet, as well as over our heads.’

Tears began to well in my eyes, as goose bumps covered my arms and shoulders. 

I reached my arms towards the sky, while turning my body slowly in a circle, so I could absorb every second of this unexpected gift. 

I listened intently, as the song continued playing with Jeff pushing his vocal range to the limits. 

‘Hallelujah, hallelujah…’

This remains one of the most spiritual moments of my life.  It marked a time, place and space that I have carried with me, since. 

Stepping into the Confidence to Choose

I felt connected to the earth, to every living thing around me, and, most importantly, to the deepest places within me. 

At that moment I had an unwavering sense of hope and peace for my very uncertain future.

I knew I was going to be alright. 

I was encircled by something much bigger than myself, but I knew I was driving the carAll the choices ahead of me were mine. 

I stepped into my Confidence to Choose.  I knew whatever I chose would be the right decision for me.  I knew it didn’t matter what those questions or decisions might be. 

I felt true peace and calm. 

There was no fear within me, absolutely none. 

I won’t begin to tell you that I have experiences like that every time I spend time in my sanctuary.  Some experiences are, or will be, more significant and more memorable, than others.

Every time I grace myself with the gift of being present, especially while in my sanctuary, it brings me gifts and blessings

These are a few of the gifts I’ve received:

My hope is that I’ve convinced you to do the same. 

Go find your space. 

Go celebrate you, in your sanctuary. 

Why not do it, now?

After all, there are 1,440 minutes in this day. 

Don’t you deserve 10 of those minutes, just for you?

Please use the form below and share where your sanctuary is, what makes it your special place or what blessings of gifts you receive from spending time in your sanctuary.

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Keith December 1, 2010 at 10:44 am

Hi Connie,
With your excellent “sanctuary” series, I believe you’ve nailed one of the things that I know has been missing from my life: more quiet space, and dare I say — more “me” space. I really love your idea of intentionally creating that space. It’s just one of those things one doesn’t think about in the course of (a long series) of busy days.
But your great closer makes the case best of all: ” . . .there are 1,440 minutes in this day. Don’t you deserve 10 of those minutes…” Well — when you put it that way, yes, I believe I do!
Thanks as always for your inspired encouragement.


Connie December 22, 2010 at 1:32 pm

Hi, Keith,

Why is it that we always seem to fall to the bottom of our own list; if we make the list, at all that is?

I’m glad you liked my observation of deserving 10 minutes out of each day. Statistically speaking, that still leaves you with over 99% of your day free, to do whatever else you need to fit into it.

If the concept of scheduling ‘me time’ is an unfamiliar or new habit, I’d strongly encourage you to do just that, take out your phone, calendar or planner and schedule it in, just like any other valuable appointment.



Katesa Wesche December 2, 2010 at 12:27 am

Started today setting up that seat near the sliding door. I can see outside to the garden and the palm trees. The wind is blowing softly and can see the leaves dancing their lullaby of the approaching night. Its magnificent! Ernesto Cortazar is playing his soft music from the computer. What a beautiful feeling! Today I remember these words, “forgive yourself, forgive me and everyone else” I feel at peace today.
And yes 10 minutes a day is good to contemplate on myself and celebrate the many blessings I receive. The love of the family and friends. And that is enough for today. I am enough for today. Thanks for the encouragement through this article


Connie December 22, 2010 at 1:35 pm


I love how you’ve described your sanctuary. I can see the setting. How blessed are you to have created this space for you!

It doesn’t take long for us to honor our place in this world. It just takes some dedication to us and some practice.

I hope you continue to enjoy your sanctuary and your special time there!



Sylvia December 3, 2010 at 11:53 am

Your golden arms, from shoulders down to fingertips, is a powerful, lovely image. What a wonderful reminder that magic is always around us.


Connie December 22, 2010 at 1:36 pm

Hi, Sylvia,

Yes, magic IS always around us, if we remind ourselves to have the eyes to see it.

Thank you for sharing your kind words with me.



Katesa Wesche December 24, 2010 at 4:26 am

Hi Connie,

Have established my own little world in this sanctuary. Marc Enfroy is playing his album the “Awakening”. I absolutely love music, and accompany that with the beauty of nature I can get myself lost in it, and enjoy love and peace. Just bask myself earlier in Mabel Katz’ inspiration and that is heavenly. So I am here in the santuary thinking what she says “I love you, I am sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you”
For Christmas I just have to say to you Connie : “I love you, Thank you” for who you are, and what you represent.



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