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Why is it easier to believe that bad things will or are supposed to happen but you’re shocked when good things happen to you?

When positive things come your way, are your next thoughts about something bad happening or are you expecting the good thing to go away?

It doesn’t seem to matter if the positive event is serendipitous or something that you’ve worked your tail off to achieve. It seems as if you’re always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

What’s up with that?

Why can’t you take pleasure in your joy and happiness?

Why don’t you allow yourself to bask in the glow of your accomplishments or good fortune?

Why is it so hard to absorb your well-deserved ‘that-a-boys’, ‘you go, girls’ and ‘way to go’?

Is it just human nature?

Or are you conditioned to believe that you’re unworthy of good things, but you sure had it coming when bad things occur?

Do you see how flawed that thinking is?

Maybe it’s time to ask, ‘What’s my payoff? What am I getting by holding onto this pessimistic mind-set?’

Rolling in the Deep

I recall a time in my life when I fully expected only bad things. It wasn’t a happy period of my life, that’s for sure.

It was emotionally draining.

I felt worn down and tired all the time.

I slogged through each day, weighed down by the heft of my negative viewpoint.

At the time, my motto could’ve been, ‘Never threaten worse…’ because I fully expected it to get worse.

Having retrained my brain to reframe my experiences as Life Lessons, and after adopting a positive attitude, I now see the blessing in once having walked that pessimistic path. [click to continue…]


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Cemetery gravestones of old were succinct.

They cut to the chase; noting the name of the departed, birth year and year the soul transitioned.

The two dates were separated by a dash chiseled into the rock.  This hyphen represented the person’s life.

A whole lifetime reduced to one glyph (-) carved in stone…one uncomplicated dash.

Which brings me to ask…how are you living your dash?  Is your Life, today, everything you wish it could be?

What do you need more of, or less of, to feel fulfilled? 

If you were headed toward the light could you proudly say, ‘I loved well.  I had fun and enjoyed myself.  I had a really good run.’ 

Each Day a New Beginning

Every day, you’re given an opportunity to refine your dash and live whatever you define as ‘the good Life’.

It’s something I thought a great deal about when I was diagnosed with ‘the little c’.  (Most would call cancer, ‘the Big C’.  I always refused to give it that much power in my Life.)

When blessed with the opportunity to stare down my mortality, I found it clarifying.  This was a defining moment in my Life. 

For a day and a half after receiving the diagnosis, my husband, Steven and I were shell-shocked, walking around in a dreamlike state.

There were intermittent crying jags followed by spaces filled with disbelief.

Exhausted, we needed the respite of a midday nap.

Your Work of Art

While napping, I had a dream that was so lucid, it seemed real.  In the dream, I was an artist, wearing a splattered smock and holding a painters palette.

A canvas, that went on as far as my eye could see, stood before me.  The canvas was teeming with images, people and experiences depicted on it. [click to continue…]


How To Uncover Your Truth

by Connie
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There’s a quote by the author, Lynn Hall that says:  ‘We didn’t change as we grew older; we just became more clearly ourselves.’ This is the point I made in, ‘Sculpting Your True Self’.  Juxtapose that with this quote by the French philosopher, Henri Bergson:  ‘To exist is to change, to change is to mature, [...]

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Sculpting Your True Self

by Connie
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It’s been said, when Michelangelo was asked how he created his statues with such perfection and detail, he answered: ‘Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.’ Fast-forward some 400-odd years.  My friend Jody and I were discussing whether people change or not. [...]

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How to Help Yourself by Helping Others

by Connie
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I believe helping others and volunteering is a blessing, never an obligation.  It’s something I get to do.  It’s not something I have to do.  Sharing a spirit of generosity always brings unexpected returns.  The investment you make expands forever, exponentially.  It doesn’t matter if you’re giving your time or donating money or things; you’ll [...]

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Your Past Does Not Define Your Future

by Connie
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All forms of media have reported on the developing news of Assistant Football Coach Jerry Sandusky and the child sexual abuse which took place at Pennsylvania State University.  Just as those broadcasts were being replaced with Black Friday sales stats, child sex abuse accusations against Associate Head Basketball Coach Bernie Fine of Syracuse University in [...]

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Do You Suffer from Spiritual Amnesia?

by Connie
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Do you suffer from spiritual amnesia? When the chips are down, are you able to draw upon the good things in your Life? Or, do you find yourself stuck in the muck and mire, weighed down by feelings that things are never going to get better? We’re celebrating Thanksgiving this week in the United States.  [...]

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5 Ways to Reconnect with your Wonderment

by Connie
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How long has it been, since you’ve felt fascinated or enthralled?  Do you remember the last time you were in awe of something? How long has it been since you’ve been completely taken in by whatever was unfolding before your very eyes? Can you recall the last time you were spellbound, drawn into something so [...]

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Putting Your Awe into Awesome

by Connie
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Can I share an insight with you?  It’s somewhat of a secret, which is really quite unfortunate. I’d love it if you’d help me spread the word.  Here goes… There’s a direct-connect between your spirituality and your sense of awe.  It’s true.  Cross my heart, you can take this to the bank.  If you’re feeling [...]

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Which of These are You Most Afraid Of?

by Connie
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Halloween is a holiday observed on October 31st in 15 countries, worldwide.  A traditional Halloween celebration includes a combination of costume parties, trick-or-treating for candy, touring haunted houses, sharing scary stories, and watching spooky movies. It’s a holiday which preys on our most primal fears.  The arrival of Halloween got me thinking about topics most [...]

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